About us

Our story ANDyours was founded in July 2020 by me, Amy. I am 22 and in my final year of University studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising. In 2019, I moved to Sweden and, whilst I was there, I realised how much I missed being creative. As a result, when I moved home, I started my own business and it has given me the chance to find what I love doing again.

Our products I source all of my materials locally and handmake all of the products myself. My brand’s name, ANDyours, stands for Amy Nicholls’ Designs & yours with my mission being to inspire females to feel equal and confident in all of my products.


The Future

When I graduate, I would love to eventually work full-time on my business and, as my brand grows, I aspire to develop more products to inspire females to feel confident in anything they wear. I am very passionate about female equality and I will keep working with female owned businesses to be inspired by more wonderful talent.

I'd love for you to stay with me throughout my journey. Without all of the support I’ve recieved so far, I would not have achieved what I have, so thank you, as always! I hope I can inspire you push yourself out of your comfort zone, to keep developing a positive mindset and to focus on the things that make you feel excited inside. Remember, it's my designs & yours! We can do this together girls!   

Love always, Amy x

About Us
About Us